JJ Monaghan Watches Featured on the BBC Show The Nest

by Jason Monaghan on Apr 05, 2022

JJ Monaghan Watches Featured on the BBC Show The Nest

I received a call at the end of 2019; it was from a lovely costume designer at the BBC called Lesley Abernethy. Lesley informed me that the BBC were filming a new show and Martin Compston had requested to wear a JJ Monaghan watch for his role (probably due to all the badgering I was doing on his Instagram…sorry Martin!). I sent a watch to the set and eagerly waited to see it onscreen!

As I’m writing this we are currently 3 episodes into The Nest and I have to say it is perhaps the most gripping thriller series I have watched. Every twist and shocking revelation will have you at the edge of your seat and it has an amazing ability to make you forget where you are and what’s going on in the world for the full hour. Massive shout out to Lesley, all the costumes look amazing and very natural!

Where to go from here

When I started JJ Monaghan, I wanted to become Scotland’s biggest watch brand. It was my #1 goal and opportunities like this are massive steps in the right direction. My next goal for this year is to get JJ Monaghan Watches into a couple of independent shops.