JJ Monaghan on the wrist of 5 Star Man Glenn Howerton!

by Jason Monaghan on Apr 18, 2022

JJ Monaghan on the wrist of 5 Star Man Glenn Howerton!

There's not many people I 'fanboy' over now, however Glenn Howerton is an exception. Glenn plays Dennis Reynolds in the hugely popular Always Sunny in Philadelphia where he is also a writer and executive producer. He is also well-known for playing Jack Griffin in A.P Bio.

I've been wanting to work with Glenn for close to 3 years but I never had a watch that would suit the suave aura he emits. That was until I designed the Endeavour Collection and sent an email to his assistant Ross (who was an amazing help and paramount in helping me achieve this dream) with the details and he replied that Glenn would love the watch.

On Monday 18th April, I was watching the Always Sunny podcast which consists of the cast of Always Sunny retelling behind the scene stories of various episodes. I was delighted to spot my watch on the wrist of Glenn and even changed my Facebook cover photo to celebrate!

If you're reading this Glenn or Ross, thank you for the fantastic opportunity.